Other Cases

Other Cases

1866-10-09 APPEALS

1866-10-09, APPEALS

Appeal proceedings to the inspection and measurement of the site. Proceedings in which the appellant is Commendator Jacome do Lago Felgueira Gajo and the respondents are the Most Serene House of Braganza and Bachelor Rodrigo Augusto Cerqueira Velloso and wife. Proceedings based on a Letter of Life Tenancy regarding Prado de Coritelo in S. Julião de Freixo, jurisdiction of Ponte de Lima.

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Proceedings for the non-payment of rents in which the plaintiff is D. João de Lencastre e Távora represented by his guardian and defendants: Manuel Martins and wife. Proceedings based on the lack of payment of the rent: 2 bushels or 34.10 litres of wheat, 2 bushels or 34.10 litres of maize, 1 bushel or 17.35 litres of rye, relative to a site of one of the houses and lands of the village of Seixo, parish of Ramalde, municipality of Bouças.

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1913-07-06 DISPUTE

1913-07-06, DISPUTE

Case: Dispute for spreading false rumours against Father Dâmaso Monteiro Filipe, parish priest. The pronouncement order states that: said publicly and in the presence of several people that Paiva Couceiro has elements to invade and attack the country (...). Said statements are intended to alarm and shake the public spirit and undermine the confidence in public safety and order (...) being unfounded and therefore constitute the crime of false rumours under Article 4 of the Decree from December 28, 1910. (...) pass arrest warrants (...). The defamer is contested by saying that if he is accused of spreading rumours, it is due not only to the little culture of the audience that heard him, but also to the fever to render services to the Republic (...) making it so that in each priest an enemy would be seen.

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Ordinary proceedings on account of the will. The plaintiff is Dª Maria Celestina Alves Machado and defendants are princess Dª Isabel de Bragança, Countess of Eu (princess of Brazil) and her husband the Count of Eu and others, and also the executors Joaquim Pinto da Fonseca, Estêvão Torres and Baron de Castro Silva. The purpose of the suit is to annul the last will and testament made by her father, Count Alves Machado, which gains force because on December 13, 1913, at the age of 91, he became a naturalized Brazilian citizen “with the intention and will, on changing nationality, to testify by disinheriting the plaintiff, his daughter“. On November 30, 1916, the plaintiff withdraws from the action by term of court settlement in the inventory “on my father's death and to put an end to all pending matters in which I am plaintiff or defendant, relating to my late father's estate“.

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Case: Extraordinary Lawsuit (Road Traffic Code) in which the defendants are José Madeira Pinto Lobo and Julieta Ambrosina Veloso Braga de Lencastre, widow of José Lencastre initiates the proceedings upon the still pending appeal from criminal proceedings, for the involuntary manslaughter of José Lencastre, and aims to enforce civil liability arising from a road accident, in which the car they were riding in was swept by a wave into the sea, eventually killing the husband of the plaintiff, claiming compensation for all damages caused thereby. The case was suspended for various reasons and declared unfounded by sentence dated of March 11, 1965 thus acquitting the defendant. This decision was confirmed by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.