Dating from the 19th century, these wooden tombolas (or urns) with rotating support were used at the House of Appeal of Porto to draw the distribution of cases. Inside were placed balls (also made of wood and kept in their base or in a wooden box) that, by turning the tombola, those balls were mixed inside to ensure that the distribution of the corresponding cases by the judges of the Court of Appeal would be random.


Silver inkwells, used over time in the Court and Jail of Appeal and dating from the mid-19th century. Composed by tray (with four feet), inkpot, sandbox and deposits.


"Royal" Typewriter, 1960s 20th century - Model II no. KMM92-3654725, Type Pica.

Bronze inkwell

When the Palace of Justice was inaugurated in Porto (October 28, 1961), the bronze inkwell was part of the objects that were on the desks of the Judges and Public Prosecutors.


Manual file made of wood containing a dictionary of Legislation and Jurisprudence prepared by Lawyers Oliveira Ramos and Simões Correia. Offer from the District Attorney's Office of Porto


Stamp of the Police Court of Porto.

Offer from the Criminal Petty Court of Porto